Welcome to St. Joseph's Teachers' College

St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College (SJTC) welcomes you to our website. I am happy to greet you through this medium, and it is my hope that you will be inspired to maximize your learning about our college and that it will provide you with a potential career choice with a difference.

St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College is a Catholic institution that has been in existence, and contributing to national development through teacher-training for over 119 years. Its early beginnings are grounded in Christian values based on Franciscan tradition through the life and mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany. This background has crafted the fabric and ethos of the college to this day. The college is firmly established on the needs of the times; as such, its vision, mission, and core values continue to drive our unwavering attitude and hope despite the many challenges that teacher education faces amidst our various successes.

At SJTC, we are of the view that through challenges, we will continue to be resilient with strong hope and determination. Since our founding in 1897, we have weathered the “storms”. At this time in our history, we are positioned on the threshold of a “new day” moving forward. SJTC remains encouraged, committed, and optimistic as we move toward the future. We believe we will embrace the call to become even stronger, more relevant, and more effective when education institutions are constantly being “warranted” to accountability and to provide quality education. In my view, quality education must be strongly aligned with quality teachers embedded in values that tightly underpin such status to give relevance to purpose for a productive and reliable workforce.

Each year, SJTC continues to increase and enhance the teaching profession by adding some of Jamaica’s best professionals. In order to achieve such a goal, SJTC reviews and renews itself and its deliverables so that we remain current and relevant in responding to the needs of our society and the needs beyond our shores. The college must now diversify its programme offerings to increase its attractiveness and competitiveness with a view to embrace the changes in our demanding and changing workforce.

Prospective teachers sought out the college based on what they read about the college; what their parents, relatives, friends, and alumni say about the college, all of which provide clear evidence that the good news is out there among the people…SJTC stands tall among the best. Is SJTC where you belong? Principal's Profile


Pax et Bonum!
(Peace and every good!)

Gwendolyn Melhado, OSF, EdD
(Ninth Principal)