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Vision Statement:

Our Vision is that, through the programmes provided by the Faculty of Humanities, the emergent teachers will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, values and attitude to assume responsibility for their society and thus become better nation builders and citizens of the world.


Core Values:

The core values of the department reflect that of our College and Nation:

  • A relationship with God
  • Reverence for the natural and built environment
  • A sense of community
  • Respect for the individual
  • Passion for excellence
  • Service and accountability

 The Faculty of Humanities plays two roles in the life of the college. The first is to offer degree granting programmes at both Early Childhood and Primary Education levels and the second is to provide an array of general methods/elective/ core courses / concentration designed for students at the various stages of their academic careers.



The Humanities Department is committed to:

  • Providing quality delivery of all courses offered by the Department.
  • Empower the students through the knowledge and attitude gained through their courses with the content, methodology, appropriate strategies and techniques to be used in teaching the courses at the primary and early childhood levels.
  • Foster and strengthen students’ values and attitudes in providing an environment that enhances their personal and professional development.
  • Further develop and appreciate the natural and built environment.
  • Develop the highest level of professionalism in student teachers through our pledge to establish and maintain relationship with all stakeholders. This will engender trust, respect, humility and integrity.


Faculty Members

Dias-Latty, Vitalyn, M.A.

Garrison, Patrice, M.A

Gordon, Iolyn, M.A.

Porter, Jacqueline M.A., M.Sc

Watson, Carlos, M.A.

Williams, Kemesha, M.Sc.

Innerarity, Tamara, M. Ed.





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