In addition to the Government of Jamaica Students’ Loans; several scholarships/grantare available through the college. The Students’ Welfare Committee headed by the Guidance Counsellor coordinates the application process for financial assistance from the following organizations and institutions:   

  • The St Joseph’s Teachers’ College Alumni Association Welfare Fund. (available to 2nd,3rd and 4th year students).
  • DRB Grant Scholarship for Early Childhood Education Students
  • Carreras Group of Companies- applications open in March of each year.
  • Douglas Samuels Memorial Scholarship
  • Alice and Percy Chang Scholarship
  • CHASE FUND - This is a grant available to Early Childhood students who have been employed as Basic School teachers.
  • JAMVAT Work/Study Programme.

Through the office of the Principal or College Campus Minister, assistance from the following may be sought:

  • The Franciscan Sisters of Allegany Student Fund. Assistance is dependent on need and availability of funds.
  • The Roman Catholic Archdiocesan Educational Fund.
  • Assistance may be available to practicing Catholics who are involved in the life of the Church and other Church-related activities on campus and within the community in which they live. Applications may be made through their Church Administration.

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