Some of the main services include:

  • Loans – Students and faculty are able to access loans of books and other materials from the General Circulation and Reserved Book Collection (RBC) areas. The loan periods vary depending on the section it is located as well as the amount of copies in stock.
  • Photocopying/Printing/Scaning – A fix fee is charged per black and white copy/print/scan. As for coloured images the fees vary as to the size of the picture and paper. 
  • Internet  access – All registered students are able to access the internet in the computer room of the library and its environs at no cost. Once a login is created by the System Administrator, student can access any of the designated platforms.
  • Inter Library Loans – Materials that are not in our library can be borrowed from other college libraries through an inter-library loan system. To access this service, make a request at the General Circulation desk.

Library Rules and Regulations:

  • Absolutely, no eating or drinking is allowed.
  • No food or drink is to be left in the baggage area.
  • Cellular phones must be on vibration mode. Students are asked to conduct telephone conversations outside of the reading room areas.
  • Loud talking/noise is strictly prohibited.
  • Persons caught leaving the library with unauthorized materials will be penalized.
  • Patrons are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner.
  • Do not replace books on shelves.
  • Do not rearrange or remove library furniture.
  • All bags (including laptop cases, large pouches, large/oversized handbags are to left at the baggage area). Umbrellas are also not allowed.
  • Remove all valuables before leaving bags in the baggage area.
  • The library accepts no liability for bags left overnight.
  • No sleeveless, tank tops, short shorts/skirts, spaghetti straps etc. allowed.
  • Children are not allowed in the library unless permission is granted by authorized personnel for a short supervised visit.
  • A fine of $250.00 is charged for lost bag ticket.

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