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Advent is the time before Christmas when we prepare for the celebrations of the nativity of Jesus Christ at Christmas.  We prepare our hearts in joyful hope for the Advent of our Lord and Saviour, the Light of the World.

According to Pope Francis; “The time of Advent that the Church celebrates in preparation for Christmas is a new journey of the People of God with Jesus Christ, our Shepherd, who guides us in history towards the completion of the Kingdom of God”.

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The Advent wreath is a symbol of Advent Season which consists of four weeks.  It consists of evergreen places in a circle around four candles.  Each candle represents a week in Advent: purple or violet liturgically represents penance, sacrifice and a time of prayer:

  1. The first purple candle, the Prophet’s Candle, symbolizes HOPE.

           It reminds us that Jesus is coming.


  1. The second purple candle, the Bethlehem Candle, symbolizes FAITH.

          It reminds us of Mary’s and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem.


  1. The third candle, the rose candle is the Shepherd’s Candle which symbolizes JOY.

            It reminds us of the Joy experienced at Jesus’ birth.


  1. The fourth purple candle, the Angel’s Candle, symbolizes PEACE.

           It reminds us of the angel’s message; “ … Peace on earth, good will toward men[1]

 [Gretchen Filz, ‘Catholic’]


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