St. Joseph’s Teachers' College Student Union falls under the National Student Union of Jamaica. The Student Union is an elected body of students who assist in maintaining the educational, social, cultural and moral goals of the college. The Union deals with concerns about the rights and responsibilities of students. It is a medium through which growth and development of the students are encouraged. It receives its authority from the principal.



The Union:

 • Acts as liaison between administration and students;

• Guides students' and activities in accordance with the policies of the college;

• Ensures the promotion of a vibrant community life among the students;

• Assists in maintaining discipline and adherence to college rules and regulations;

• Promotes the proper care of all college property;

• Deals with cases of misdemeanor and escalates them to the relevant authorities as may be necessary;

• Informs and suggests recommendations to the principal, student matters which may contribute to the improvement of the college life;

• Appoints and guides students towards activities which are consistent with objectives of the college;

• Promotes and maintains the Core Values of the college as expressed in the Mission Statement; and,

• Promotes and maintains excellence in academics, deportment, dress and speech in keeping with professional development.


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