Diamond Cole

St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College in my opinion, is without doubt the best teacher-training

institution within the Western Hemisphere. The ethos which is created within the College

environment allows room for growth physically, mentally and spiritually. SJTC not only trains

teachers but molds student-teachers into facilitators, role models, good communicators and also

researchers; just to name a few. I choose SJTC because of the high educational standard of their

Early Childhood programme.

Diamond Cole

Student Union Vice President 2015/16

Student Union President 2014/15


Shantau Clemmings

Nestled in the warm Liguanea plains of St. Andrew there sits a beautiful, peaceful and heavenly

landscape, an oasis in a sandy desert, the St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College.

St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College is a very high performing teacher-training institution. This

institution provides quality education guided by Franciscan values. The college is full of

welcoming students and staff that will make your experiences worthwhile.

Everywhere Josephites are well known for their excellent teaching and well prepared classrooms.

At this college, the environment is suitable for learning. It is extremely quiet and clean.

Choosing this college was the best decision that I have made because since I’ve been a student

here I have developed and improved in many ways, such as, physically, mentally, analytically

and spiritually.

In addition, extracurricular activities include the Christian Fellowship, Marcus Garvey

Movement, Performing Arts, Sign Language (Expressive Hands), Scouts, Magazine Committee,

French and Spanish Clubs. Religious Instruction is held on Fridays which allows individuals to

participate in their denominational group activities. This allows you to make a

connection with your spirituality even at college. Overall, St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College is the

best teacher training institution. Make it your choice today.


Shantau Clemmings (Student Union -  President)

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